Cactus & Tropicals, Salt Lake City and Draper

Cactus and Tropicals Event Venue is the highlight of this week’s blog.

Daytime Wedding

Evening Wedding

Opened in 1975, Cactus & Tropicals is the perfect setting for any wedding or event. Both of their locations have lush greenhouse and outdoor gardens that can comfortably accommodate a large group while still maintaining the intimacy needed for a small gathering. With their abundant array of bright flowers (cost savings right there) and lovely greenery, you won’t need to spend a fortune on decorations.

After meeting with Coleen, she highlights two big reasons to choose Cactus and Tropicals, 1) You get your choice in selecting your other vendors that will participate in pulling off a perfect Wedding and 2) They have most of the decorations and plants that will set your Wedding apart from all the others.

Please, call

Coleen at 801.419.5587 Draper location

Megan at 801.674.8322 Salt Lake City location.

Cactus and Tropicals Weddings (you can hear the cascading water)


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